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Android ATC

The future of Automotive Infotainment System


The Android ATC Experience

ATC Android Automotive Infotainment has been a leading Singapore Auto Stereo Store since 2006. In addition to offering products such as GPS tracking system, In-car surveillance cameras we also provide android automotive infotainment headunit solutions. Our customers enjoy the ATC Android Automotive Infotainment experience because of our immense amount of resources, fast shipping, and professional product after-sales support.

We are looking for overseas distributor in SE Asia and other regions. Email us now!


Android ATC for everyone

With our next generation products, speed is crucial in part of our daily use. We have released new products that will cater to all needs. At over 500+ compatibility cars, there are no worries involve!


Preview of Our Products

Have a look at the different car models installed with Android ATC !


Video Showcase

Video shares and usage of our Android ATC !