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Android ATC

The future of Automotive Infotainment System


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The Android ATC Experience

Android ATC Automotive Infotainment is a leading auto stereo store based in Singapore that offers GPS tracking systems, in-car surveillance cameras, and Android automotive infotainment headunit solutions.


The company is renowned for providing an excellent customer experience with a focus on professional product after-sales support, fast shipping, and access to a wealth of resources. ATC is currently seeking overseas distributors in Southeast Asia and other regions.


They provide after-sales support through Telegram, which can also act as a community platform for customers to share experiences and knowledge about their products.


To learn more, contact ATC via email.



Android ATC for everyone

Android ATC Automotive Infotainment's new product line offers fast and responsive performance, without lag or delay. The devices are equipped with regular firmware updates and user-friendly software, ensuring up-to-date features and easy installation.

With compatibility for over 500 car models, ATC's products offer versatility and fast, reliable performance.

The emphasis on speed, reliability, and frequent firmware updates ensures customers receive a high-quality product that meets their needs and expectations.


Android ATC

Android ATC Buddy deal! From now until 30 June 2024, bring a buddy with you to purchase an Android headunit and get $50 off each device cost.

That's right - both you and your buddy can enjoy big savings!

Preview of Our Products

If you cannot find information on whether your car model is compatible with Android ATC,

please send us an email, and we will be happy to assist you in determining compatibility.