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ATC Rear IPS Monitor 10.2" V2


Price for 1 piece


Rear back seat monitor in 10.2"

IPS grade A monitor

All angled view



TFT( MicroSD)







Aux 3.5MM ( wired headset)

can use FM Transmitter Speaker headsets


Usage & Installation

Able to connect from headunit and play out exactly what the headunit playing.

Using either HDMI  / AV out from the headunit.

It can play by its own using USB , TFT(MicroSD) , HDMI. Quality by source , can support up to 1920 x 1080P.

Audio out by internal small speakers or FM transmit to headunit to car speaker out.

Can connect to wired headsets 3.5MM (AUX) 

Comes with remote control, battery not included (CR2032)


Price for 1 piece


Check installation charges with dealer, AV/HDMI cables not included


ATC Rear IPS Monitor 10.2" V2

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